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Bandwith Management & Web Filtering
Allot Communications NetEnforcer
Enterprise WAN Traffic/Bandwith Management
Houston Bandwith Management and Web Filtering
  • Optimize your WAN infrastructure
  • Maximize business-critical application performance
  • Monitor network activity
  • Implement application- and IP-based accounting
The exponential growth in the use of the Internet, combined with increased reliance on IP-based networks (private, public or VPN), for mission-critical and time-sensitive traffic, has resulted in unprecedented demands on existing communication systems. In order to achieve an acceptable quality of service (QoS) and maximize the performance of business-critical applications, network managers need to allocate network resources based on business priorities.
Policy-Powered Networking
Allot Communications NetEnforcer® traffic management devices let you link your business policies to specific network actions that improve and control users' productivity and satisfaction. On corporate networks, the NetEnforcer optimizes your WAN so mission-critical business applications deliver the performance your company needs to succeed.
Three Steps to Policy-Powered Networking
Policy-Powered Networking lets you efficiently manage traffic crossing the LAN/WAN boundary of an enterprise network. The process of implementing a Policy-Powered Networking solution includes three steps:
  1. Monitor network and bandwidth usage
    Use the NetEnforcer's NetWizard setup utility to auto-discover applications in your network. Using this information, you can determine which protocols affect your network performance and should be managed.

  2. Define policies that link business priorities to computing needs
    Use the QoS Policy Form to quickly define QoS attributes for the desired policies. Assign minimum and maximum percentages of bandwidth, and prioritize traffic from 1 to 10. For additional policy definition, use the Policy Editor to define policies based on addresses, protocols, VLAN tags, Type of Service, or time of day.

  3. Enforce the rules
    Let NetEnforcer examine all traffic crossing the WAN link. Upon matching a traffic session with a rule, NetEnforcer forwards the packets per the specified policy actions. Continually monitor network resources using NetEnforcer's Traffic Monitor and refine policies to maintain maximum network control and application performance.
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