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We know how valuable of your data is, therefore, we will do everything to protect it. Most companies do not realize how important a firewall is, until there is a security breach and/or their data is comprimised. There are many types, scales, and features of firewall. Let us consult which one is suitable for you based on your company's need, size, and growth. If you have any question about our firewall services, please contact our Houston office, or you can use the Contact Us form to get in touch with our consultant. Our experienced team in Houston TX will be more than happy to assist you.


Timeer Networking Services provides total control of your firewall which includes configuration, monitoring service, and any updates needed for your firewall whenever new threats are out. For your assurance, we carry only name-brand products which are certified by The International Computer Security Association (ICSA).


Besides the importance of having a firewall, a proper configuration and up to date definition are also equally important. Therefore, if you already have a firewall, but you have doubt about the configuration or definition, or even if you just want to find out if there is any security risks, our team of experts in Houston TX will be more than happy to assist you. To learn more about firewall please go to our Firewall page.


Why Firewall?

Increasing numbers of small and medium businesses, telecommuters, and even casual home internet users are taking advantage of the low-cost of high-speed internet connection such as Cable, DSL, T1, or even Fiber. Unlike their previous dial-up connections which are 'on demand', these users now have 'always-on' connections which make their networks much more vulnerable from attack.


Houston Firewall ICSA CertifiedICSA Labs Certification criteria are public, objective, fair, credible criteria that yield a pass-fail result. To remain consistently results-oriented, certification criteria is based on resistance to threats and risks or on successful outcome, and not based on fundamental design or engineering principles or on an assessment of underlying technology.

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