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What Role the Internet Play in Your Company?


Now, we have total solution for E-Commerce website. Total solution meaning we give you a turnkey solution. We provide the initial consult (note that most companies know their needs, but end up with not-so-appropriate and costly solutions), web design, database design and connectivity, hosting, maintenance site, automation software, and monitoring system. We focus on maximium productivity and minimum downtime. We even take the extra step to make sure that our client is 100% happy with the project, so we will work with you for any changes needed to be made even after the launch date. We work with asp, jsp, php, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, PosgreSQL, as well .Net and client side scripting such as Javascript or VBscript.


If you just want to host few static pages, we will also help you with our low-cost hosting. We even help you with domain name registering and DNS configuration.


We also provide you with web-based e-mail (in addition of POP and IMAP support) that allows users to send and receive corporate e-mail from outside the office using a web browser. Imagine you access company e-mail from anywhere in the world like you access Hotmail or Yahoo mail. We have state of the art virus and spam filtering, so you will have one less thing to worry about.


Please Contact Us and let us know your situation. We have solutions for your company. Our team in Houston TX is ready to help you.

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